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We live in a strange, strange world. When I was a child innocence was the norm and pride of country was too. We watched with fascination as men broke the sound barrier. And leapt for joy when they reached the moon.

Where did that go?


4 thoughts on “What I think…

  1. This country has lost it’s innocence. I personally think it began when JFK was assassinated. What were formally taboos on TV and in the movies are now commonplace. We have turned our backs on God, murdered millions of unborn innocent children, and no longer deserve His protection. It would take a major change of course to get us back on track, which seems unlikely given far too many people don’t even recognize there’s a problem. There are still many good people among us and it’s too bad that they will suffer the consequences along with the guilty. Time will tell…

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    1. This is my worry… Hillary gets elected, appoints Obama to SCOTUS, and the citizens revolt. (Obama must not have gotten the UN job or this wouldn’t be an option.) and even that may not work. Maybe SCOTUS would wait Hillary out.

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      1. I don’t think Hillary has a chance. Too many deluded young people have latched onto Sanders. They don’t have enough sense or knowledge of history to realize that Socialism has never worked, nor will it. Even so, they have pulled their support from Hillary. In the unlikely event she is prosecuted for her crimes, Obama could pardon her and she’d be off the hook. I think Obama is going after the UN job rather than the Supreme Court. I’d really love to see him fade into obscurity, but I doubt that will happen.


      2. I agree. I saw an article saying them same. Actually from Bill Mehr.
        Hillary made a critical error in not turning those documents over sooner. She hasn’t been charged and found guilty thus there can be no pardon as she is innocent in the eyes of our laws. She took the risk thinking people were too stupid and lazy to figure out what happened. She didn’t count on Gowdy. It’s over. And she knows it. Notice the increased coughing? She be sick and must quit.
        I think Obama is going for the UN too. The Senate would never confirm him and risk their own jobs.


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