Funeral vs BLM

A military member, who signed up willing to die for us ALL, was cold-cocked by a group of teens, who had taunted in him McDonalds. Based on those taunts, we know they were members of the BLM movement. (And it’s not the first time members of the BLM groups have cold-cocked military members or others.)

POTUS isn’t going to Scalia’s funeral. That’s fine. Instead he is meeting with members of BLM. He has said they have a point to make. All anyone else sees is misdirected anger that is used as an excuse to behave in a criminal manner with no consequence. This continuous coddling of this group and expected capitulation has defined the very corruption of this current administration. What better example? The parallel is clear. A government that operates without regard for people. A government that has overreached into the States and into the very lives of people and does everything in its power to hurt the people by doing so tries changing the system. Why? They didn’t think it was fair or just didn’t like it. BLM is taking its cue straight from the government itself.

It’s not just a slap in Judge Scalia’s face, or in the face of the military, but one more slap in the face, in every American citizen, saying this is NOT a “government of the people, by the people”. This is a government by ME.

But we are not powerless.

Read the Constitution and understand that if something is NOT mentioned it is LEGAL. Justice Scalia made that very clear.

Our government has scared us into thinking we must have permission for everything. Not so. We keep forgetting the marriage of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. And that’s important. Because in the Declaration we express our inherit rights from God. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our government doesn’t bestow these rights on us. They are ours. Yet we’ve been brainwashed over the 20th century to believe otherwise. Then we are rarely educated that the Constitution is a contract. A contract forming a united government between the sovereign States.

Understanding what sovereign means is key. It means that each State can “stand on its own”. That’s why there’s there are State Constitutions, governments and laws. States decide on issues for themselves via a vote. If a person doesn’t like the outcome on that vote then he can “vote with his feet” and move to a different State. These are choices that citizens and States have, where no central government is necessary. So the purpose of the contract? To have a central government to deal with treaties, war, redress between States, etc.. But for the first time in history this central would be run by the people and for the people. What a contract. As each additional State became sovereign, they automatically agreed to the contract, the Constitution.

So where does that lead us? To a conclusion of an overreaching central government (federal) that most citizens think “trumps” State law. It does not.

I often sit and think what to explain to my children and grandchildren. Especially my grandchildren. I raised my children understanding and, as much as possible, experiencing the American Dream. Our way of life that the world constantly belittles then demands access to; even the Pope. I will explain everything and I pray that it will still be in place, (As piecemeal as it may be.) for my grandchildren’s children. These are lessons they will never learn in school.

POTUS. This one man has no power over us. None at all. He’s suppose to represent us. (Failed) He’s suppose to keep us safe. (Failed) He’s suppose to enforce the law. (Failed) He’s suppose to lead the military. (Failed)

POTUS. Again, this one man has no power over us. He can irritate us. But he only has power if we let him.

We can’t control someones actions. We can only control our REACTION. And as Jefferson said that time will come. Maybe it has…


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