Bibles be gone?

The ACLU recently filed a lawsuit to have Bibles removed from Public college/university hotel/motel rooms. Here’s my take…

Anti-discrimination laws come into play because those are used to get rid of religion and/or religious objects. And with the latest “cake case” it’s clear 1) the discrimination is now against Christians and 2) the federal government is interfering in private businesses with no supporting law (see Scalia’s dissent same sex marriage).

A Pubic university is State owned thus bound by State law and was sued under State law. It will not effect EVERY Public university unless it 1) becomes a federal law which goes through the process (House, Senate and President signs into law) or the new way called overreach (One branch of the government reaching into another. That’s happened a lot these past seven years and is what Scalia is referring to in his dissent of same sex marriage. (If there is no law, the court cannot rule on it. Or if there is no NATIONAL law, the court cannot create one.)) where the court will decide that ALL public universities that receive federal funds, regardless of the STATE they are located in, MUST remove all Bibles.

Let’s pretend…
It’s completely legal for every hotel or motel on any public university, in ALL 50 States, to have Bibles in the rooms.

Mr. Jones via the ACLU decides to sue Ohio State University (OSU) to remove the Bibles from rooms of OSU hotel claiming he’s a Buddhist (or whatever) and he finds them offense as his religion is not represented. That is discrimination. (It would be cost prohibitive to buy religious text for every religion in the world so course the largest in this country was chosen. It would be too much of a financial strain to buy material from every religion, for every room.)

According to our laws, NO religion should be represented (separation of church and state).

So Mr. Jones is claiming that his “tax dollars” should not pay for these Bibles.

OSU is a State owned public school that receives federal funds. (Which allows the case to be filed.) So Mr. Jones via the ACLU, wins and all Bibles are removed.

Does this mean ALL Bibles are to be removed from EVERY public college/university in ALL 50 States? No.

With this case the court could NOT tell every college/university in ALL 50 States to remove their Bibles.

OSU appeal. It finally so to the Supreme Court. (SCOTUS) Off the case goes, gets heard and a decision is made to remove all Bibles. But it STILL only effect OSU for that is where the case was filed and what it was about. There is NO FEDERAL law regarding Bibles. Anti-discrimination would NOT be proven because of population distribution AND NO one is being denied or forced to do anything. Plus the Bible is NOT in sight.
Add that to all motel/hotels are contracted out to National chains this have their own finding that does NOT receive any federal funding (tax dollars). Nothing for SCOTUS to evaluate and they can’t write law. (That’s would be overreach into Congress.)

I realize I oversimplified my example and didn’t cover every possibility but you get the gist of what I’m saying.

We, as American citizens, need to stop this petty squabbling, and look behind these issues. These cases have consequences. For us all. (Something that should “wake up” any non-Christian is the ACLU is filed a lawsuit on behalf of four ILLEGALS so they could receive college scholarships. Used discrimination. (Because they’re illegal.) so if anyone still thinks any of these people have the bests interests of the American citizens in my please message me I got so land for sale and stop reading.)

Who owns what has become irrelevant under this administration, this court. Both are abusing existing laws and making up others when it suits them.

There’s a war going on. Has been for some time. It’s just sped up which forced it out in the open. It’s disguised as a “war on Christians” and while it does serve that purpose the real function is a “war on the American citizen”. But most people never stop to think. They’re either to busy trying to appear “enlightened” in their agreement that Church and State are supposed to be separated, have no understanding of current events and the overlapping effect which are merely structured to change the current system of government into a socialistic government and allow for open borders, a society where everything is owned, not personally, but for the common good.

So you ask what discrimination has to with this? Everything and actually nothing. But that’s the law the ACLU has used over and over.


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