Does our media expect us to believe an army of a million men marching across Europe, trashing borders, fighting each other, jockeying for position, demanding the to be let through as if their right, criticizing everything yet claim desperate need, give interview after interview claiming their plans for conquest, rape women and children, urinate and deficate where they stand, set fire, throw bombs at citizens who provide their very substance are refugees?

Oh no my friend, not me. I liked school and did my homework. I read, have friends and family. I think for myself. Those men are no refugees.

I’m staying silent no more. Too many children have been attacked or killed by a government-religion that people feel compelled to protect in the name of religious freedom. No. No more. The lying needs to stop now. Easter Sunday (2016) 60 Christian mainly women and children died by the hand of this government-religious group. Over 300 more are wounded. This on the heels of an attack in Brussels. Shall we expect one Friday?

Enough! Finish the lies on your own time. Do you want ratings? Tell the truth! Your ratings would go through the roof! Take the chance. You want loyal watchers? Show the truth. People will turn on any device to see.

I seek the TRUTH! I KNOW the lie. I am not alone. It is insulting to be lied to as if incapable of cognitive thought patterns. Keep lying and you all will suffer the fate of indifference. The fatel wound to every reporter.

To the media…you have two choices. Chose wisely.


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