illegals getting the vote?

The RIGHT? That they can come from the shadows and participate in society.

California’s Governor pushed through legislation to give illegals driver’s licenses. Problem with that it was pointed it out was the voter registration that occurred during that process. Governor Brown assured the citizens that portion would be skipped.

It was not.

So now the citizens are told illegals will be stopped at the polls. There’s something special about the license that will show the status of citizenship.

Lie two.

If licenses are issued BEFORE problem is addressed how were:

  1. those people prevented from registering as voters?
  2. any solution in place to stop illegals at the polls?

It would have been a completely different thing to be proactive, assuring citizens no registration would occur and license would be altered but that’s not what happened. The reasoning was to make them included, a part of society. Under that premise no altercation was done.

California’s votes are compromised. They broke federal law allowing illegals to register to vote. They cannot stop them. All voted must be discounted.

Lawsuits have been filed.

Why does he still have s job?


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