Trump…I already know

Trump has been in the public’s eye for over 30 years. The government considers him an expert in real estate, economics, stock market and tax code and has him testify before Congress. He took his inheritance and turned it into an international corporation that employees millions. When the economy takes a downturn his business filed bankruptcy, a legal move used by companies, and did NOT or request any government bail out. (Remember the car and banks we bailed out?) And he consultants with the leading immigration expert, Senator Sessions, who confirms not only is are the CIA and FBI right, Muslim refugees cannot be vetted, it’s against the our law (Public law 414, 2, 212) for them to enter the country due to their political beliefs.

So after being aware of Trump for over 30 years I’m being told he’s an incompetent, unlawful, ignorant bigot that not only doesn’t deserve to be president he barely deserve to be an American. (I forgot where he steals little old ladies homes.)

I’ll rely on what I LIVED through and saw first hand regarding Mr. Trump, thank you. I’m sick and tired of people telling me what to think.


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