Are we racist?

Accusations of racism are harsh and cruel. They are intend to shame, harm or silence you. These accusations are now used for anything and everything from toilet paper to the race of man himself but the perversion is to stop the free speech that is protected by our Constitution.

Any right protected by the Constitution means the government must ensure no laws prevent it and if necessary step in to prevent a violation.

So what do we do when our government violates a right? We use another right to stop it. It gets corrected then we move along. Until now.

I think it’s worst. But that is racist.

40% of blacks living in America are 1st or 2nd generation African.

The entire population of blacks is roughly 11-13%. So roughly 7% is THAT said African population.

Now toss in Hispanics who’s population has now bypassed the black population and are hovering near 20%.

Whites range from 64-68%, which leaves, American Indians, Asians and others taking the rest.

With over 100 million people out of work (total population 3.5 million) it’s easy to see why blacks are fighting for government resources that democrats got them on “hooked” like crack cocaine. Black leaders have known for years the black population would be bypassed by the Hispanics and they would no longer be the majority minority. For years they’ve been stroking the fire of discontent for this day. What better tool than racism? Time tested and proved.

The problem was the assimilation. Racism only exists in the unenlightened minds which exists, while a rare subset, the media brings to the forefront as the norm. Still the silent majority says nothing. For within the silent majority are citizens of biracial or tri-racial heritage. And that’s the forgotten piece that will never allow this plan to work.

Assimilation. Whites DID it. You can’t force a group of people THAT large to do something they have already done.

That 5-6% of blacks, 17% (maybe higher) of combined others yields roughly 86% of mixed race people who are NOT racist.

Bell curving the remaining 14% still only yields 3-4% racist people.

With a population of 350 million people does 3-4% of the people being racist effect anyone? Of course not and history proves with time that number will diminish.

So why the accusations? Why this constant narrative? This rich college kids? And militant group black lives matter? Looking at the statistics from any angle, adjusting for population distribution and the facts aren’t there. Black lives matter are running nothing more than a terrorist operation that is encouraging the execution of law enforcement and whites. This is easily proven by the facts 1) all black don’t agree and 2) they have never protested a single child’s death by a stray bullet by a criminal who’s death they would protest if by the hands of the police.

These college students have gone so far in their demands they now want the professors to take a pay cut to fund their abortions. Not a preventive birth control. But a reactive birth control, abortion.

People are expected to cast aside history, our country’s history, our laws, our concerns and welcome men 18-45 Muslim men who Europe has proven are not refugees but are leaving Africa for financial gain in other countries.

Yet, in each situation WE are racist.

We have a commander in chief who has lied to the American people, a domestic terrorist group that our commander invites to the White House, a college students that want professors to fund their abortions and are being forced to accept a group of people, potentially terrorists, into our Country that wish to replace our Constitution with Islam (sharia law).

And we’re racist?

The picture is of boards. Tired old boards rusty nails. This topic is like those board. Do we have to have to eat completely through the boards, exposing EVERY nailhead before we can FINALLY drop this topic? Or can we move on knowing the vast majority of strong nails that don’t show will keep those boards straight and strong?

I’m going on…


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