Political sabotage?

Here’s my logic:

Cruz has run both his Senate and Presidential campaigns as a Christian and anti-establishment. Then gives interviews regarding how he’ll take delegates from Trump in a brokered convention thus winning the nomination.

Who’s having their intelligence insulted? Cruz? Who is unable to see an anti-establishment candidate will never get the nomination or the American people who realize either Cruz is lying or the RNC is throwing the election.

The RNC, after months of insisting Trump signing an agreement not to run third party, upon agreement started discourse on ways to rid themselves from him. The threats have ranged from dissolving the party to voting for Hillary. Each threat intended to force the voters back to their candidate.

Next round of attacks were aimed at Trump but also spilled onto the voters. Calling the public uneducated, racist, backward people simply furthered the division between the party and the people. Going international with attacks only solidified Trump’s based and caused crossover from both the democrats and independents.

(“Violence will be the answer! Let’s play protesters to disrupt Trump’s rallies, wearing Bernie t-shirts, serving a twofold purpose. Stopping Trump and discrediting Bernie.” Forgot about the 1st amendment. Free speech and peaceful assembly. This issue will be over as the Patriots (bikers) are protecting rally from here forward.)

Arrest his campaign manager for assault when a tape shows a completely different story? Secret Service had issued two warnings to stay back yet the third time she touched Trump. His campaign manager is arrested (not guilty) but the true error is with secret service. They allowed someone to breach the field of protection three (3) times. What if she had a knife or gun on her? Anthrax?

The public has the ability to see through all these things. Who’s being insulted?

Meanwhile Cruz is running around the country talking to delegates about voting for him when they are unbound.

Yet both parties have confirmed, more than once, a rule change which treats primaries as a poll. The parties choose the nomination. Curly Hauglan, republican rules committee, chuckled at the naivety of the media and public. He told the media it was their fault for perpetuating the myth that voters elected the nominee. (MSNBC)

Cruz still collecting delegates, both still campaigning.

My point is, what is the point? They’ve made it clear they’ll not choose Trump. Cruz has stated hundreds of times he is hated by the Washington “cartel”. Why does he think they will choose him?

I have given you logical, valid reasons why this makes no sense. Therefore the only conclusion I can draw is, someone is lying or deliberately throwing the election to the democrats.

It doesn’t matter if you’re for Cruz, Trump or the man on the moon. These people are holding the Republican Party hostage. What will we do?


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