United we Stand?

All my life I’ve heard the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall”. It’s been used to motivate millions in a togetherness, never thought possible to achieve unattainable goals. 

I’ve lived through an era of protests against the Vietnam war and for civil rights. 

It was never the civil rights movement that almost ripped this country apart but the Vietnam war protesters. When they started burning the flag and spitting on drafted soldiers we should all have known then the end of this great Nation was near. 

These 18, 19, and 20 year old kids demanding the government do this or that as if their voice had more weight than others. It didn’t. Out of fear of being label college campuses let these groups have free reign. (Sound familiar?)

Our Nation is a again at a crossroads. At an edge of a cliff with no return. “United we Stand or divided we fall” is more important than ever. We can’t trust out government not the media. So who can we Trust? God. Pray. Everyday. The take the good fight with your family, freinds and neighbors. Think logically. If doesn’t sound “right” or true it probably isn’t.

The great divide we’re facing is insidious. Our own government is trying to divide us in as many ways as possible. Race, illegals, foreign workers,religion, gender, sexual orientation, you name it, it being used against the citizens.

We’re at reach others throats. Over things made up. Where right is wrong and wrong is right.

Our country has hit a new low when DOJ lawyers are sentenced to take ethic classes for 5 years!

Please realize no one man can save us. (That man’s died, arose then  gone to heaven.) We must fix this ourselves for it was our own apathy that allowed this all to occur.

United we stand? Or divided we fall?”The choice is ours.


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