Something happening here…what it is ain’t exactly clear…

It came to my attention earlier this spring about night training exercises. Blacked out helicopters. I didn’t think to much about it. Then all the sudden I heard about more and more. This has happened in at lasted 7 States. (I have counted lately it may be more.)

Then England had a “mock” exercise inside a mall where a man with explosives wrapped round his middle and an assault weapons come screaming into the door firing the gun, the police right behind who shit the man dead.

Except they hadn’t told anyone either prior to the exercise. “They didn’t think it would bother anyone.” Those poor people feel to the floor, rightly, and were terrified. There are more of these but have stopped since Brexit.

Take all these things separately and nobody notices but they’ve got in a hurry. They started speeding things up. That’s when reports start coming in.

Blackout training exercises in almost every State.

Similar training exercises in England.

Lynch gave a speech at the UN on Stong Cities Network: A Global police force. She pledged her loyalty to the administration, Obama, not the United States. (More than once.) Spring 2015

Nigel F. pushing Brexit kept saying the UN wanted to build its own military. (The EU is right behind them.)

Obama signed two EOs with little fanfare and one at the start of a Holiday weekend Post and pre-strike ares (July 4th). This first should explain itself but read it.

Congress approved a bill which allows a President to declare martial law during peace time and haves him power over pretty much everything. (This ties back to an EO on structure of government.)

The next EO was to authorize UN troops to come in and police our cities. (RefStrong Cities Network)

This is not tinfoil hat people, this is for real. They put things a little close together not believing anyone would notice.

Well people noticed. I’m not the only one. Open your eyes people. Or America as we know it will exist no more.

The latest blackops was in Boston. Three nights. No information available.

Time will tell


Education News

Is the President interfering in our school system?

Schools receive federal funding several ways. Mainly based on enrollment and type of student. Most money for special needs, then gifted/advanced and last regular education. Title I money kicks in depending upon how many students qualify for free or reduced lunch. Title IX funding is what the President is threatening to withhold. That’s overreach. (And blackmail in my book.)if schools don’t comply with gender fluid bathrooms/lockerooms.

Congress appropriates funding not the president but he’s far across the line anyway.
Unisex bathrooms were originally offered by the schools. They were rejected. By the one girl that complained, in 2014, then one boy (2015). Neither was satisfied and demanded access to not only their gender preferred bathroom but also school showers. And THAT is when schools, correctly, drew the line.
While you may see people as haters, schools see all the children. They will not put 999 children at risk so one (1) doesn’t get their feelings hurt. Especially when it’s a 15 year old boy who identifies as a girl. That day. Tomorrow he may be back to a boy. Or a dog. Or a goat. (I am not joking both are the latest trends too so where does it stop? It stops with the 999 students who are just trying to get through HS.)
If you call these people haters then that’s your problem. Not theirs. And you must not have a daughter. But again if you don’t understand that a comprise was offered then rejected yet you still call them haters, you are part of the problem.
Common Core: Take it or you get no money

Regarding the standards set by the FDOE. The entire country has talked about Common Core. How it was forced on the States and the content. 
States choose their books from a given list. In some subjects books can be chosen at the county level. (Usually what happens because you pick, you buy.) The list comes from FDOE.
And why in the world would any middle school State history class be taught in another State? The standard is that it is to be taught. In depth. Number of counties, State bird, flower, seal, motto, etc.

Hopefully that makes both things just a little clear. I keep seeing this same comments. Just let me know!

Illegal entry into our Country…They have a right?

Riddle me this…when did people obtain the right to illegally enter any country of their choice? 

Then pose as a citizen until their population grew large enough they actually made demands? To live off the government, never mind they had put no money in, to get the right to vote, never mind they swore no alligence to their new country? When did this happen? How dare they?

We know this has happened since the 1960s so my real question is this attitude. The sheer arrogance of people who think they have this right. How dare they? And these sniveling, self-serving politicians who support the illegal “right” are committing treason according to the Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, clause 1. For a person illegally entering you country is a high crime. This is to keep citizens safe. But when a government starts putting the wants and needs of illegal people ahead of their own citizens, then that government is committing treason. How dare they?

I’m not saying this lightly and am talking also about Europe. London just elected their first Muslim Mayor. London only has a 12% population of Muslims and the REST are enlightened British Citizens who are patting each other on their backs as the proclaim their “religious” tolerance. How dare they?

This is a three prong fight. Illegals to tear at your economy. Illegals who use the host countries religious laws against them. And trying to establish a foothold in legal/political system. How dare they?

The East solved this problem quickly while the West sits on their hands on political correctness and watches another government take over, Islam.  At the rate it’s going, it will be less then 20 years. Those Globalist (NWO) people don’t stand a chance against Islam. The very thing they unleached. How dare they?

How dare they? Because “We the People” did nothing to stop it.