Illegal entry into our Country…They have a right?

Riddle me this…when did people obtain the right to illegally enter any country of their choice? 

Then pose as a citizen until their population grew large enough they actually made demands? To live off the government, never mind they had put no money in, to get the right to vote, never mind they swore no alligence to their new country? When did this happen? How dare they?

We know this has happened since the 1960s so my real question is this attitude. The sheer arrogance of people who think they have this right. How dare they? And these sniveling, self-serving politicians who support the illegal “right” are committing treason according to the Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, clause 1. For a person illegally entering you country is a high crime. This is to keep citizens safe. But when a government starts putting the wants and needs of illegal people ahead of their own citizens, then that government is committing treason. How dare they?

I’m not saying this lightly and am talking also about Europe. London just elected their first Muslim Mayor. London only has a 12% population of Muslims and the REST are enlightened British Citizens who are patting each other on their backs as the proclaim their “religious” tolerance. How dare they?

This is a three prong fight. Illegals to tear at your economy. Illegals who use the host countries religious laws against them. And trying to establish a foothold in legal/political system. How dare they?

The East solved this problem quickly while the West sits on their hands on political correctness and watches another government take over, Islam.  At the rate it’s going, it will be less then 20 years. Those Globalist (NWO) people don’t stand a chance against Islam. The very thing they unleached. How dare they?

How dare they? Because “We the People” did nothing to stop it.


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