Something happening here…what it is ain’t exactly clear…

It came to my attention earlier this spring about night training exercises. Blacked out helicopters. I didn’t think to much about it. Then all the sudden I heard about more and more. This has happened in at lasted 7 States. (I have counted lately it may be more.)

Then England had a “mock” exercise inside a mall where a man with explosives wrapped round his middle and an assault weapons come screaming into the door firing the gun, the police right behind who shit the man dead.

Except they hadn’t told anyone either prior to the exercise. “They didn’t think it would bother anyone.” Those poor people feel to the floor, rightly, and were terrified. There are more of these but have stopped since Brexit.

Take all these things separately and nobody notices but they’ve got in a hurry. They started speeding things up. That’s when reports start coming in.

Blackout training exercises in almost every State.

Similar training exercises in England.

Lynch gave a speech at the UN on Stong Cities Network: A Global police force. She pledged her loyalty to the administration, Obama, not the United States. (More than once.) Spring 2015

Nigel F. pushing Brexit kept saying the UN wanted to build its own military. (The EU is right behind them.)

Obama signed two EOs with little fanfare and one at the start of a Holiday weekend Post and pre-strike ares (July 4th). This first should explain itself but read it.

Congress approved a bill which allows a President to declare martial law during peace time and haves him power over pretty much everything. (This ties back to an EO on structure of government.)

The next EO was to authorize UN troops to come in and police our cities. (RefStrong Cities Network)

This is not tinfoil hat people, this is for real. They put things a little close together not believing anyone would notice.

Well people noticed. I’m not the only one. Open your eyes people. Or America as we know it will exist no more.

The latest blackops was in Boston. Three nights. No information available.

Time will tell


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