Veteran Care

I think Vets should be given an insurance card. Let them go to their own Doctors. Shut down those rundown, over budget clinics that never can see enough people.Leave open the hospitals as an option but again, they may go to one closer to their home.

I’ve seen where Vets wait to be seen, hospitalized and/or die before treatment but what I’ve not seen mentioned is how far these Vets must travel for non-service. Sick. Sometimes by someone who must leave them.
Here’s a story of one Veteran:
The Vet assures the driver to leave he has money for a room. He refuses all money offered. 

The Vet doesn’t have the money for a room. But hopefully enough for one meal a day, depending on the wait. When it’s the Vet’s turn to see the doctor he is told the doctor is gone for this week and to come back next week. The Vet remains stoic and asks to use the phone. 
He explained to his friend what happened and his friend said of course they would go back next week. And the next, if necessary, and so they did.
One morning the friend goes to pick up the Vet yet he does answer the door. Frantically he pounds on the door then the windows. He calls the police. The police arrive to find our Vet lying on the bathroom floor. He his taken away.
The friend can’t understand what happened. Why wasn’t he given care? Why did die?
A few weeks pass and the police come to the friend’s door with all the Vets personal belongings. The friend was puzzled. The police said there was a note. The police ask the friend did he hear why the Vet die? His appendix ruptured. Poisoned him. Easy fix if the doctors would have just seen him months ago.
That night as the friend lovely, filled with honor and pride, went through each item the Vet had owed, he started reading the letter.
To my one true friend, I leave you what few things I have left because I know you’ll know what to due with each one. I thank you deeply for the care and kindness you have shone me that I can never repay. Please don’t hate our military for it’s not their fault. Or the VA system either, they’re doing there best with the resources they have. Or even up the line where the problem truly is, Congress and the President. They’re just men who will face judgement one day. Do not harden your heart. This matter is beneath you.
Live your life to the fullest always remembering how precious it is. With the love of God in your heart. Find your true love and hold her tight. Have as many children as you can so decent lives will go on.
I love you, brother

my last goodbye

Later after the friend stopped sobbing for this Veterans senseless death, he divided the belongings in three piles. One he burned, while tears streamed down his face. One he put away in a dark spot taken out on rare occasions and the last he left on his table to be put in a shadow box for all to see.
When the friend finished all these things he glanced outside and saw the most glorious sunrise he had ever seen. 
He nodded to himself and thought God is good, God is good.


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