Is the world laughing?

The world’s not laughing, they’re celebrating. England and Australia are ecstatic!

For they know Trump’s a great businessman and what is our government but a business. That he will rebuild the military so we can honor the treaty called NATO. They know are 2nd amendment is safe. They know we are one scarce ┬ácountries where citizens can own guns, thus keeping the governments of the world in line.

Our government isn’t that group in Congress. Nor the group in the WH. Our government is “We the People”. It’s in our Declaration of Independence. And honored in our Constitution. The “Greatest experience in the world can go on. For our children and their children and all that come after.

This election was also to remind the “establishment” who was in control.

So no, no countries are laughing. Some are mad and the rest elated.

A citizen of the United States of American.


Embarrassed or Ashamed?

In the past couple of days information has been coming so fast we almost can’t keep up.

We’ve heard that Hillary and crew belong to a Satanic cult.

And someone allegedly tried to kill Trump tonight.

The first could make the second true but the second makes the first much more likely.

This is the dirtiest election I have ever seen. How about you?

So are you embarrassed, ashamed or both?