Is the world laughing?

The world’s not laughing, they’re celebrating. England and Australia are ecstatic!

For they know Trump’s a great businessman and what is our government but a business. That he will rebuild the military so we can honor the treaty called NATO. They know are 2nd amendment is safe. They know we are one scarce  countries where citizens can own guns, thus keeping the governments of the world in line.

Our government isn’t that group in Congress. Nor the group in the WH. Our government is “We the People”. It’s in our Declaration of Independence. And honored in our Constitution. The “Greatest experience in the world can go on. For our children and their children and all that come after.

This election was also to remind the “establishment” who was in control.

So no, no countries are laughing. Some are mad and the rest elated.

A citizen of the United States of American.


Embarrassed or Ashamed?

In the past couple of days information has been coming so fast we almost can’t keep up.

We’ve heard that Hillary and crew belong to a Satanic cult.

And someone allegedly tried to kill Trump tonight.

The first could make the second true but the second makes the first much more likely.

This is the dirtiest election I have ever seen. How about you?

So are you embarrassed, ashamed or both?

Will Muslims make good Americans?

This was published by Allen West. Any mistakes are my own.

Ten Reasons Musljns cab never be an American.

1) Our 1st amendment quarandes freedom of speech while the Qurab 21:68. and Hadith, 3:16 forbids insulting Allah and Mohammad.

2) Our 8th amendment prohits cruel and unusual, while the Quran prescribes such as cutting off the hands off thieves (Quran 26:23) lashes for fornication (Quran 26:23) and adultery (Quran 24:2).

3) The Constitution establishes itself as the supreme law of the land in Artivle 6, while the Quran establishes Allah’s as government (Quran 8:25)

4) Our 1st amendment prevents the government from prohibiting the experience of religion while the Quran (4:89) states that “Those who reject Islam must be killed”

5) The 5th amendment  guarantees due process. The Quran only counts a woman’s testimony half of a man’s testimony (Quran 2:282?.

6) The preamble states “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty.” By contrast the Quran states (8:12) “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip from them.”

7) Our 15th amendment prohibits slavery while the Quran (33:50) allows woman captured during battle to be kept as a sex slave.

8) The 14th amendment guarantees equal protection under the law while the Quran women, Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims as equal under the law (Quran 5:60, 7:166 and 2:65)

9) Our 4th protects against unreasonable search and seizures, but the Quran seizure of land, homes, and wealth of non-Muslims. (Quran 33:27, 8:69, 48:20)

10) Our 2nd amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms while the Quran prohibits non-Muslims from owning weapons.

After reading this that no Muslims can ever be both an American and Muslim no matter what our administration wants to say. May God help and bless us all.






Clinton vs Trump

That’s your choice. One or the other.

Looking at Clinton’s past behavior all I see is a woman with poor judgement. And a thief. She placed this country in grave danger and got two undercover people killed by her “carelessness”. Doesn’t phase her on her climb to the top. She’s backed by the elite for a status quo.

Trump has had a strange life. But not at tax payers experience and he’s hidden nothing. You may not like what he’s saying, but it’s truth.  Most Americans 40 and over know exactly what he’s done so this younger crowd just looks ridiculous, for they believe the media hype and try to “explain Trump” to the older people.

Vote Clinton and things stay the same.

Vote Trump and there’s a good chance things WILL change.

The choice is yours.

Impeach Obama?

It isn’t going to happen. They won’t impeach him this close to the end. They can’t. It would invalidate every treaty that has been signed. Every EO he issued. And a host of other things.This was known before the election. So why did no one care? They wanted a “black man” as president.

Hillary is banking on those same people wanting a woman president. (Notice how she’s toned down that she’s a woman advocate?)

What to do…Obama has done enough illegal things that he can be can be charged with if Trump wins. He can even be impeached after he’s out of office. Or we put this all behind us and move on. (Same with Hillary’s crimes.)
I don’t know what’s better for our country but I would charge them both.

What Americans want?

Frankly I don’t think most Americans trust the media. And want a borders protected, as wellas to stop taking in these migrants.

The only refugees are ME Christians and no one but Jordan has taken them. Even the Pope.

Look at the charts from Europe, EU or UN. These migrants are from Africa. That’s why they’re not called refugees anymore. Obama and the Pope are the ones still insisting they’re refugees.
We also have Public law 414,2,212 that denies entry to anyone with a different political ideology. The Muslim religion simply wraps itself around the Islamic government which uses sharia law to govern. 

What people must understand is that Islam controls EVERY aspect of a Muslim’s life. From how a women must dress to how a child is punished for stealing food out of hunger. What they can eat, how to vote, (if in West), how much education they may receive, how to pray.

Our leaders and others, keep saying that denying entry to Muslims goes against American values. Which ones? Charity? We’ve sent billions over to the Middle East to help with resettlement. We taken in more immigrants (70 million) than any other country. Why the play on our emotions?

So just what values are we going against? Self-preservation to our way of life? That I agree and can live with.

(Our founders warned us against Islam. Not to trust them and not do business with them. After coming  back from the Middle East, Adams and Jefferson gave great warning about Islam and urged everyone to read the copies of the Quran they brought.)

Muslims will not assimilate. The most recent Poll in America show 52% of Muslim Americans want sharia law instead of the Constitution. 48% want a choice of legal systems. No, no. Our law is the Constitution.