Will they do it?

The Republican party is scheming to take Donald Trump out of the Presidential race. This last ditch effort will end the party as we know it. They’re willing to end the party to stop Trump. It’s that simple.

It’s not because of anything they’ve tried to label him with its merely to protect their pockets and continue the Globalization of the country. Ted Cruz unfortunately was unable or unwilling to see he was being used to attack Trump and will be cast aside, if possible Paul Ryan, the golden boy who has to do no work to move up in the political arena.

The People are angry. At not being heard while patronized by people paid to represent them. A group who promised, upon receiving majority in Congress, would fix everything yet fixed nothing, telling us we don’t understand how things work. We must be patient. While we see the National debt spiral out of control, government assistance increase, jobs disappear, illegals rewarded and workers saddled with taxes they can barely live.

No one can comment. Forget complaining. Political correctness has strangled free speech for everyone but the few holding the Mic. People illegally cross our border but suddenly have a right or one’s a racist. Never mind our laws. Never mind the immigrants that came legally into this country through the program. Never mind. Just sneak across. You have a right to a free education. Free medical care. Free housing, food and transportation. We even throw in a free retirement package.

Progressives say “oh no, that doesn’t happen”, but it does. Ask our border States. Ask California or even Wisconsin. Wisconsin has a sanctuary city where they refuse to comply with federal law and turn illegals over to the government for deportation.

Forget about safety. Terrorist attacks? By people illegally entering countries? That doesn’t happen either. All the news reports coming out of Europe are exaggerated to sell more information. It’s not true.

Laws? Forget about them too. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, Public law 414, 2, 212 is a myth. Of course we don’t care if people with different political ideologies that want to replace our government come into our country. We have communist groups running around that would have McCarthy spinning in his grave. But we’re tolerant. Come on in.

Since Trump and the angry People don’t agree, they’re stupid, uneducated, racist, bigoted, red neck, Christians that should be glad we let them live. We’re tolerant.

What happens now? The best way to beat the RNC/GOP would be for Trump followers remain calm. Take their anger out at the ballot box.

So we wait.


Veteran Care

I think Vets should be given an insurance card. Let them go to their own Doctors. Shut down those rundown, over budget clinics that never can see enough people.Leave open the hospitals as an option but again, they may go to one closer to their home.

I’ve seen where Vets wait to be seen, hospitalized and/or die before treatment but what I’ve not seen mentioned is how far these Vets must travel for non-service. Sick. Sometimes by someone who must leave them.
Here’s a story of one Veteran:
The Vet assures the driver to leave he has money for a room. He refuses all money offered. 

The Vet doesn’t have the money for a room. But hopefully enough for one meal a day, depending on the wait. When it’s the Vet’s turn to see the doctor he is told the doctor is gone for this week and to come back next week. The Vet remains stoic and asks to use the phone. 
He explained to his friend what happened and his friend said of course they would go back next week. And the next, if necessary, and so they did.
One morning the friend goes to pick up the Vet yet he does answer the door. Frantically he pounds on the door then the windows. He calls the police. The police arrive to find our Vet lying on the bathroom floor. He his taken away.
The friend can’t understand what happened. Why wasn’t he given care? Why did die?
A few weeks pass and the police come to the friend’s door with all the Vets personal belongings. The friend was puzzled. The police said there was a note. The police ask the friend did he hear why the Vet die? His appendix ruptured. Poisoned him. Easy fix if the doctors would have just seen him months ago.
That night as the friend lovely, filled with honor and pride, went through each item the Vet had owed, he started reading the letter.
To my one true friend, I leave you what few things I have left because I know you’ll know what to due with each one. I thank you deeply for the care and kindness you have shone me that I can never repay. Please don’t hate our military for it’s not their fault. Or the VA system either, they’re doing there best with the resources they have. Or even up the line where the problem truly is, Congress and the President. They’re just men who will face judgement one day. Do not harden your heart. This matter is beneath you.
Live your life to the fullest always remembering how precious it is. With the love of God in your heart. Find your true love and hold her tight. Have as many children as you can so decent lives will go on.
I love you, brother

my last goodbye

Later after the friend stopped sobbing for this Veterans senseless death, he divided the belongings in three piles. One he burned, while tears streamed down his face. One he put away in a dark spot taken out on rare occasions and the last he left on his table to be put in a shadow box for all to see.
When the friend finished all these things he glanced outside and saw the most glorious sunrise he had ever seen. 
He nodded to himself and thought God is good, God is good.

Something happening here…what it is ain’t exactly clear…

It came to my attention earlier this spring about night training exercises. Blacked out helicopters. I didn’t think to much about it. Then all the sudden I heard about more and more. This has happened in at lasted 7 States. (I have counted lately it may be more.)

Then England had a “mock” exercise inside a mall where a man with explosives wrapped round his middle and an assault weapons come screaming into the door firing the gun, the police right behind who shit the man dead.

Except they hadn’t told anyone either prior to the exercise. “They didn’t think it would bother anyone.” Those poor people feel to the floor, rightly, and were terrified. There are more of these but have stopped since Brexit.

Take all these things separately and nobody notices but they’ve got in a hurry. They started speeding things up. That’s when reports start coming in.

Blackout training exercises in almost every State.

Similar training exercises in England.

Lynch gave a speech at the UN on Stong Cities Network: A Global police force. She pledged her loyalty to the administration, Obama, not the United States. (More than once.) Spring 2015

Nigel F. pushing Brexit kept saying the UN wanted to build its own military. (The EU is right behind them.)

Obama signed two EOs with little fanfare and one at the start of a Holiday weekend Post and pre-strike ares (July 4th). This first should explain itself but read it.

Congress approved a bill which allows a President to declare martial law during peace time and haves him power over pretty much everything. (This ties back to an EO on structure of government.)

The next EO was to authorize UN troops to come in and police our cities. (RefStrong Cities Network)

This is not tinfoil hat people, this is for real. They put things a little close together not believing anyone would notice.

Well people noticed. I’m not the only one. Open your eyes people. Or America as we know it will exist no more.

The latest blackops was in Boston. Three nights. No information available.

Time will tell

Illegal entry into our Country…They have a right?

Riddle me this…when did people obtain the right to illegally enter any country of their choice? 

Then pose as a citizen until their population grew large enough they actually made demands? To live off the government, never mind they had put no money in, to get the right to vote, never mind they swore no alligence to their new country? When did this happen? How dare they?

We know this has happened since the 1960s so my real question is this attitude. The sheer arrogance of people who think they have this right. How dare they? And these sniveling, self-serving politicians who support the illegal “right” are committing treason according to the Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, clause 1. For a person illegally entering you country is a high crime. This is to keep citizens safe. But when a government starts putting the wants and needs of illegal people ahead of their own citizens, then that government is committing treason. How dare they?

I’m not saying this lightly and am talking also about Europe. London just elected their first Muslim Mayor. London only has a 12% population of Muslims and the REST are enlightened British Citizens who are patting each other on their backs as the proclaim their “religious” tolerance. How dare they?

This is a three prong fight. Illegals to tear at your economy. Illegals who use the host countries religious laws against them. And trying to establish a foothold in legal/political system. How dare they?

The East solved this problem quickly while the West sits on their hands on political correctness and watches another government take over, Islam.  At the rate it’s going, it will be less then 20 years. Those Globalist (NWO) people don’t stand a chance against Islam. The very thing they unleached. How dare they?

How dare they? Because “We the People” did nothing to stop it.

United we Stand?

All my life I’ve heard the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall”. It’s been used to motivate millions in a togetherness, never thought possible to achieve unattainable goals. 

I’ve lived through an era of protests against the Vietnam war and for civil rights. 

It was never the civil rights movement that almost ripped this country apart but the Vietnam war protesters. When they started burning the flag and spitting on drafted soldiers we should all have known then the end of this great Nation was near. 

These 18, 19, and 20 year old kids demanding the government do this or that as if their voice had more weight than others. It didn’t. Out of fear of being label college campuses let these groups have free reign. (Sound familiar?)

Our Nation is a again at a crossroads. At an edge of a cliff with no return. “United we Stand or divided we fall” is more important than ever. We can’t trust out government not the media. So who can we Trust? God. Pray. Everyday. The take the good fight with your family, freinds and neighbors. Think logically. If doesn’t sound “right” or true it probably isn’t.

The great divide we’re facing is insidious. Our own government is trying to divide us in as many ways as possible. Race, illegals, foreign workers,religion, gender, sexual orientation, you name it, it being used against the citizens.

We’re at reach others throats. Over things made up. Where right is wrong and wrong is right.

Our country has hit a new low when DOJ lawyers are sentenced to take ethic classes for 5 years!

Please realize no one man can save us. (That man’s died, arose then  gone to heaven.) We must fix this ourselves for it was our own apathy that allowed this all to occur.

United we stand? Or divided we fall?”The choice is ours.


Every race that has existed has been enslaved at some point in history. The longest period of slavery I can find is of the Israelites by the Egyptians. (Who are Africans.)

Many Irish and Scots sold themselves as indentured servants to get to America. That indenture never ended as their were charged for housing, clothing and food with no possible way to pay it back.

Scots  went to coal mines where they too were stuck as the had enormous debt after 7 years. Then paid with “script” that was worthless outside the mining town.
Both groups found better for their children.
Irish were considered scum even by the black population. 

This took place late 1800s to late 1930s. 

Then everything changed. Why? Because of the war. We were Americans. We had been attacked. We fought together for a common cause.

Hispanics, Blacks, Jews, American Indians and Whites came together. The melting pot began to bubble and make us all realize we are Americans. 

Their is no country called “White”. Whites are from all over Europe. They poke fun at each other regarding their country of origin. Yet when they included Blacks people held their collective breath until he dished back out!

These men had become a “Band of Brothers”.

Back home the women pulled together too. Not as quickly, but when the first man died, all racial barriers were gone.

Finally the melting pot was a success.

But good things, never last because people are weak. (Everybody)

By the mid 1950s the Black race had a thriving middle class. They owned their own businesses and home. Jim Crow laws weren’t everywhere neither was the clan. By the early 1960s it was all gone. The Black middle class. 

1963, JFKl, MLK, Bobby Kennedy. All for civil rights. Thousands of Whites and Jews helped MLK because remember their parents of the late 1930s, early 1940s? They taught their children blacks were equal. Nothing different but skin tone and culture. But EVERYONE’S culture is different.

Yes all those young adults helped MLK. They agreed with him. They were beat, arrested and some killed.

But our Nation survived. 

I was born in 1963. I remember MLK being shot and Bobby being shot. My Dad, and Mother cried. For them both. That’s why I remember. I started k in 1968 and from then to HS I/we were taught about everyone. Everybody. Blacks, American Indians, etc. weren’t removed. I/we were taught it all.

So this broken history we keep hearing about I simply don’t know what they’re referring too.

I was taught that way in college also.
There comes a point if you don’t feel you’re getting the whole picture then educate yourself. Don’t sit and complain you have some broken history.
If they’re implying they can’t trace their ancestry neither can 84% of most Americans.
Blacks have contributed a great deal to America. The first doctor to use Ether to put someone out for surgery was a black man. Another Black man had a pivotal role in the first blood transfusion. Another on heart bypass surgery at John Hopkins.

During the years America was using slaves so was France and England. Granted they stopped buying before our country but they still had them. America has done more to atone for slavery than any other country. (Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, Anti-discrimination laws.) So why are only the American Blacks still making demands for an actions that took place pushing 200 years ago?(And don’t jump on me about not knowing anything. I have a Black sister-in-law and 2 biracial nieces, 1 biracial nephew, 1 Black nephew by marriage and 1 biracial great nephew.)

if its a contest Asia wins
blur the lines

Political sabotage?

Here’s my logic:

Cruz has run both his Senate and Presidential campaigns as a Christian and anti-establishment. Then gives interviews regarding how he’ll take delegates from Trump in a brokered convention thus winning the nomination.

Who’s having their intelligence insulted? Cruz? Who is unable to see an anti-establishment candidate will never get the nomination or the American people who realize either Cruz is lying or the RNC is throwing the election.

The RNC, after months of insisting Trump signing an agreement not to run third party, upon agreement started discourse on ways to rid themselves from him. The threats have ranged from dissolving the party to voting for Hillary. Each threat intended to force the voters back to their candidate.

Next round of attacks were aimed at Trump but also spilled onto the voters. Calling the public uneducated, racist, backward people simply furthered the division between the party and the people. Going international with attacks only solidified Trump’s based and caused crossover from both the democrats and independents.

(“Violence will be the answer! Let’s play protesters to disrupt Trump’s rallies, wearing Bernie t-shirts, serving a twofold purpose. Stopping Trump and discrediting Bernie.” Forgot about the 1st amendment. Free speech and peaceful assembly. This issue will be over as the Patriots (bikers) are protecting rally from here forward.)

Arrest his campaign manager for assault when a tape shows a completely different story? Secret Service had issued two warnings to stay back yet the third time she touched Trump. His campaign manager is arrested (not guilty) but the true error is with secret service. They allowed someone to breach the field of protection three (3) times. What if she had a knife or gun on her? Anthrax?

The public has the ability to see through all these things. Who’s being insulted?

Meanwhile Cruz is running around the country talking to delegates about voting for him when they are unbound.

Yet both parties have confirmed, more than once, a rule change which treats primaries as a poll. The parties choose the nomination. Curly Hauglan, republican rules committee, chuckled at the naivety of the media and public. He told the media it was their fault for perpetuating the myth that voters elected the nominee. (MSNBC)

Cruz still collecting delegates, both still campaigning.

My point is, what is the point? They’ve made it clear they’ll not choose Trump. Cruz has stated hundreds of times he is hated by the Washington “cartel”. Why does he think they will choose him?

I have given you logical, valid reasons why this makes no sense. Therefore the only conclusion I can draw is, someone is lying or deliberately throwing the election to the democrats.

It doesn’t matter if you’re for Cruz, Trump or the man on the moon. These people are holding the Republican Party hostage. What will we do?